Sequential colormaps

Sequential colormaps (that are perceptually uniform of course) are basic colormaps that start at a reasonably low lightness value and uniformly increase to a higher value. They are commonly used to represent information that is ordered. The matplotlib package already has a few great sequential colormaps readily available for the user, mainly the colormaps named viridis; plasma; inferno; magma; and cividis. However, three of these colormaps use the color red as their main color and none of them uses the full lightness range. As it might sometimes be desirable to use a different main color or maximize the lightness range of the colormap, CMasher provides a few sequential colormaps that do exactly that. These colormaps are shown in an overview and described individually below.

Overview of all sequential colormaps in *CMasher* for Python.

Fig. 14 Overview of all sequential colormaps in CMasher, sorted on lightness profile and perceptual range. The three numbers below the name of each colormap represent the starting lightness value; the final lightness value; and the perceptual range of that colormap, respectively.