Visual representation of the *seasons* colormap. Statistics of the *seasons* colormap.

The seasons colormap is a visual representation of the cycle of the four seasons; winter, spring, summer and fall. Like emergency and infinity, seasons is a cyclic colormap, covering the full lightness range and using basically all colors. Due to its exceptionally high perceptual range, seasons is great for use in plots with very dense information. Note that this colormap is not as CVD-friendly as other diverging or cyclic colormaps. A good cyclic alternative that is CVD-friendly is emergency.


The seasons colormap used to be a diverging colormap prior to v1.6.0. If one wishes to use the previous diverging version of seasons, one can easily obtain this colormap using the get_sub_cmap() function as cmr.get_sub_cmap(‘cmr.seasons’, 0.05, 0.95).